I offer a wide range of services when it comes to furniture repair. I am also very knowledgeable with custom cabinetry and handyman repairs.

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Licensed and Insured

Proper restoration of antiques requires time and special care. I take great pride in the workmanship of the past and I research the history of the piece whenever possible. 

about ​ Ryan Mower

Chair regluing requires disassembly, cleaning and many clamps for a professional and long lasting repair. I utilize the best adhesives in the industry and I base the type of adhesive on the wood type and fit of joinery of the chair to be glued.

- Minor Leather Repairs

- Refinishing

- Minor plumbing repairs
- Minor electrical repairs
- Decking
- Millwork
- Much more!



I have a complete shop equipped with all types of woodworking, metal working and plastic fabricating equipment.  I can handle anything from cabinetry to light welding.

​Furniture Repair  in Salt Lake Citye city

MY Services

​​​A Quality Furniture  SERVICE, INC.  Furniture Repair Salt Lake City

​On-site furniture restoration are my specialty. Most touchup, wood furniture or upholstery frame repairs in Salt lake City and surrounding areas can be done in your home or business keeping your furniture in your sight and protected from being damaged in busy furniture repair shops. I am insured for on-site repairs.

I was inspired at an early age by a great uncle who was a carpenter.  After many years of woodshop I worked for various manufacturers of shutters, laminate tops, and custom cabinetry. I started A Quality Furniture Service in 1995 and I continue to enjoy helping people restore the original beauty back to their furniture.

- Chemical damage repair

- Freight damage
- Manufacturer defects
- Hardware adjustments
- Furniture modifications
- Chair regluing 
- Color correction & fading 
- Custom manufacturing
- Protective glass tops